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I love being creative and having this Blog is a great way to express creativity! My name is Abigail and I'm the creator for Huckleberry Blog. 

I was inspired by the blue berry bushes my grandpa grows on his property. Every year the bushes grow taller and fuller with more blue berries. And every year my family and I would go out and gather the berries, making new memories. 

New berries, mean new memories, and that's what brought me to creating Huckleberry. I wanted to write about my adventures, share them with my friends and family, and connect with other people who love to do the same!

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. One who admires traveling, trying new things, and wants a better tomorrow for the environment. Soon Huckleberry will be announcing Huckleberry Bar soap. For every bar purchased $1 will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup. Water is our most precious resource, and their is currently more than 80 Metric Tons of floating plastic in our oceans. At Huckleberry Blog we're dedicated to reducing plastic and creating a soap made with out harsh chemicals or dyes. Soap that's made to be good for you and the water. 

All packaging to bring it the materials used to make the bars will be recycled and all packaging used to ship and send products out will be made of biodegradable paper packaging. 

Huckleberry Blog is an independent blog and is not endorsed or sponsored by The Ocean Cleanup. 

We simply want a better future, a better tomorrow, and to create a better soap for you!

Thank you so much for being part of this community. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. We have huckleberry pages on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and youtube. And of course you can subscribe to to message me personally. I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Click here to learn more about the Ocean Cleanup and what you can do to help the environment:

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The Ocean Cleanup Huckleberry Blog is an independent blog and is not endorsed or sponsored by The Ocean Cleanup. There is enough plastic in the ocean to create an island larger than the size of California. Proceeds from purchasing Huckleberry Bar Soap will be sent to The Ocean Cleanup in support to help reduce plastic.